Students receive extensive training in three areas of non-invasive cardiology diagnostic testing. Graduates of this program learn the necessary skills for entry level cardiovascular technician jobs in cardiac non-invasive labs, EKG departments, stress labs, cardiopulmonary labs of hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. They can also find employment with cardiologists, general and family physicians’ offices.

Graduates learn how to:

  • Operate and maintain medical treadmill machines, EKG machines blood pressure apparatus and cardiac monitor scanners.
  • Set up cardiac recorders, trouble shoot, and calibrate all equipment.
  • Prep patients for stress tests, EKG, Stress Test, and ambulatory cardiac monitoring.
  • Perform EKG, stress tests and acquire information from ambulatory cardiac recorders.
  • Interpret cardiac physiology data.
  • Process information gathered from EKG, Stress Test, and ambulatory monitors.
Graduates also learn how to maintain patient files, retrieve patient data, and schedule appointments. A certificate of completion will be awarded to students upon successful completion of this program.

This program is presented in the form of lectures, videotape, and slide presentations, and the use of analytical equipment. The approximate time to complete this program is one year for day students. The approximate completion time for evening students is fifteen months. Externship must be completed prior to graduation.

Cardiovascular technicians are not required to have a license in the state of Texas. Graduates of this program are encouraged to seek voluntary national certification through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). Many employers require technicians to be certified.

Payment plan is not available to foreign students registered in this program.

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