Students will be trained for entry-level jobs in cardiac electrophysiology as an EKG technician. Students learn how to perform and interpret the EKG tracings.


  • Operate equipment that records graphic tracing of the electrical impulses of the heart
  • Interpret graph data
  • Maintain EKG equipment
  • Prepare and monitor patients during procedure
  • Schedule appointments
  • Maintenance of patient records
Graduates of this program learn the skills necessary to work in the capacity of entry-level EKG technicians in hospitals, clinics, or private physicians’ offices.

This program is presented in the form of lectures, videotape, and slide presentations, and the use of analytical equipment. Students must complete a course in anatomy and physiology prior to starting the core of the program. The anatomy and physiology course can be taken at the school. Students learn how to hook up the patient for the procedure, and also learn how to interpret EKG tracings. Students attend the program for two semesters. Externship is mandatory to complete the program.

A certificate of completion is awarded to the student upon successful completion of this program.


Graduates of the EKG program may seek voluntary national certification that is available through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). This is the recognized organization for the Certified Cardiographic Technician exam. Although there is no law that requires the EKG technician to be certified, certification may be a condition for employment.

Program Cost $7,066
Semester Tuition: $3,070.50
Payment plans are available for this program.

Persons having interest in enrolling in this program may set up an appointment with a Cardiotech Ultrasound School representative. Refer to the school’s admission policy for more information.