The College is open to eligible persons with a genuine desire to be trained in a career in an allied healthcare profession. Administrative staff is available to discuss any matters regarding admission and tuition costs. Admission to the College is open to all applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, or marital status. Applicants are accepted into the program based on academic achievement, work history, character references, assessments, personal interviews and admission test results. The school reserves the right to limit enrollment in each of its programs. All applicants must complete the application process and make necessary tuition arrangements prior to the start of class. In considering the applicants’ qualifications for admission to individual programs, all pre-requisites for individual programs must be met. Accepted applicants are charged $100.00 registration fee to secure a place in the program. Prompt registration is encouraged. Local students are advised to submit application for admission in person, at which time they will take a tour of the facilities to assist them in making a final decision on their career goals. In addition to the admission requirements international students must meet the codes and standards set by the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) for admission into the United States.



  • Complete Pre-Admission Basic Assessment test with a minimum score of 70%.
  • Complete application for admissions form.
  • Complete a pre admission Psychological questionnaire


Complete and sign Campus tour confirmation document.

Submit the following:

  • A copy of High school graduate, or GED A copy of College transcripts where applicable
  • Two letters of recommendation (character)
  • A driver’s license or State identification card Proof of citizenship (Voters registration card or Copy of Passport)
  • Proof of age being at least18 years old
  • Signed “Drug-free Workplace Act” document
  • Attestation of High School education completion
  • Documentation of good general health signed by the student or a health Practitioner
  • Completed TWC Career School and Colleges Record of Previous Education and Training forms PS-010
  • Receipt of Enrollment Policies form PS-005
  • The documentation must certify that the applicant’s health does not preclude his/her working in a health care setting


  • Complete a personal interview with program admission team which composes of the Director, Director of Education and faculty members.
  • Complete an enrollment Agreement (parent or guardian of applicant under age 18 must sign the enrollment agreement)
  • Completed Criminal Background check Submit $100 Registration fee required upon signing enrollment.


  • Meet with the Financial Aid Advisor
  • Attend a scheduled orientation prior to attending classes.


A 12 Panels Drug Screen results

Healthcare Professionals:

  • Submit proof of prior education or employment as an MD., Allied Health Professional or Nurse. Radiological Technology, Diagnostic Sonography
  • A Medical Doctor or persons holding Masters, Bachelors or Associate degree in Nursing, Radiological Technology, Diagnostic Sonography or transfer students from an Allied Health or Nursing program may be granted additional credits for prior education.

In addition to the items listed above the following items are required for International Students:

  • Foreign students must complete Form I-20 (Foreign Student Visa application form).
  • Students residing outside the United States must submit certified translated copies of high school, College or University graduation.
  • Submit a valid copy of passport prior to acceptance.
  • Submit a valid copy of I-94 within three days of arrival into the USA.
  • Submit $400 processing fee


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