Comments of Graduates:

Milinda G. (RCS). It has been a wonderful learning experience. Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound The atmosphere at school has been one of the greatest assets for me going to this  Echocardiogram technician program.

Sadaf T. (RCS). My sister graduated from Houston International College a few year ago and is doing so well running her own company. She always encouraged me to go to Houston International College but I thought that I was not bright enough to do that type of program. I finally enrolled and just like I thought it was tough but the teacher kept telling me that I can do it and kept pushing me. I spent lunch time eating and studying and I passed my registry exam the first time I attempted. My life has changed from a hairdresser to saving lives through ultrasound. If I can succeed everyone can if they dedicate themselves.

Zahra C. (RCS). Everyone in my class found a job. I have 1 full time and a part time. I passed my registry exam on the first attempt. I am an Echo graduate.

Joby M. (RCS). My life has changed. I am a registered Cardiac Sonographer with 2 jobs. I work at major hospitals.

Shameka H. (RVT) I am the first one in my Family to graduate from college. I passed the registry exam on my first attempt. Attending the Vascular program at Houston International College changed my life.

Kinsley N. (RCS). I am a working registered Cardiac Sonographer. I work at a small hospital. I had to work very hard because of language barriers but it all paid off. All my teachers left an impression on me. They never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself at times. I used to leave work and go straight to school. I would sleep in my car until school opens sometimes because I did not want to be late for my classes.

Sanaa Q. I graduated from the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Found a job right away. I have recommended my coworkers to the program.

Brian L. (RVS). I am a veteran. Even with a pandemic going on the college found clinical placement for me to ensure that I finish my program. I passed my registry exam on first attempt while in school and was ready to start work right away. The college help me find my first job at a major hospital and I found my current job on my own. There are two of us from my college working here. Being a Vascular sonographer is a fulfilling career.

Tina N. I completed the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. After graduation the  college followed up with me to assist me in locating a job. Three of us from the same group works in the same place.

What Students Say:

Carlos G. (RCS) I already passed my registry and will receive my official card after I complete the program in six weeks. The faculty encourage us to get an early start with attempting the registry exams. We are always reminded that goofing off is not an option. I am a first generation American so my parents and other family member are very proud of my accomplishments.

Salmaz T. I passed my SPI exam on first try. The courses are tough so you have to study hard. Our professors really guide and encourage us to do our best. They are here to help us succeed. They pushed us throughout the pandemic. My clinical site is at a major hospital in the TMC. I plan to write both ARDMS and CCI exams by the time I complete my program at the end of the Fall 2021

Hannah O. I am in my third clinical rotation at a large hospital. It is hard work but I am enjoying the exposure and the training that I am receiving at such a well known hospital. I recommended my friend to the program at this college.

Edwardo G. Our classes are interactive. the teachers encourage team work and yes my Echocardiogram Technician program is not easy. There is so much to learn about heart valves, heart muscles, heart tumors, heart pressures, hemodynamics, physics, the equipment and more so you have to read, read and read some more. We have to work hard. We get lots of home work assignments and quizzes. so goofing off is not an option at all. I am doing my first clinical now at the same time I have lectures and labs which help me to tie the loose ends together.

Farouzah N.  I got matched up with the perfect clinical site in a mid size hospital. The Sonographers at the hospital are graduates from Houston International College. They are tough on me but I like it. I get to do the scans and review cases with them I am learning the expectation of each doctor which is interesting because each one is different. I am also on campus once a week for lectures.

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