Advisory Committee

  • Beverly Lamoth BSN (Nurse)
  • Wei Song MD, RDCS (Sonographer)
  • Jessica Murphy, BS, RRT, RDCS, RCS, RVT (Faculty,Sonographer)
  • Yasser Sherkawy, MD, RDCS, RVT, RDMS (OB, AB) RCS (DOE, Faculty, Sonographer)
  • Yousef Abed BA, RDCS, RCS (Alumni)
  • Sue Maisey, MS RDCS, RCS (Sonographer)
  • Ray Maldonado, RDCS, RDMS (AB) RVT, RCS (Sonographer)
  • Neville Myles AAS (Administrator)
  • Joan Douglas MS RDCS, RCS (CEO, Sonographer)
  • Dina DuBose, BS, RVT, RVS, CCT (Clinical Director,  Faculty, (Sonographer)
  • Fatima Saleh, Student


Yasser Sherkawy, MD. RDMS (Ob, Ab) RDCS(AE), RVT, RVS, RCS Director of Education, Alexandra University, Houston International College   Cardiotech Ultrasound School

 Joan H. Douglas, MS, RDCS (AE), RCS, CEO  Director, ASU, Charter Oaks State College, State University of New York

Daleep Kumar, MD, RDMS (Ab)  Director, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Univ. Of Karachi, Singh Medical College, Medi-Nix Ultrasound Imaging & Training Institute , Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

Luke Lovick, MD,  RDCS (PS) Faculty University of Texas, Texas Chiropractic College, Alvin Community College 

Dina DuBose, BAT, RVT, RVS, CCT, Clinical Director, Brazosport College, Alvin Community College

Jessica Murphy, BS, RDCS (AE), RRT, RCS, RVT, CCT, Clinical Facilitator, Part Time, University of Texas Houston, Alvin Community College                      

Tristan Thompson, BS, RDCS (AE), RVT, RCS, Faculty, Oregon Institute of Technology, Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

 Shani Philip, MBA, RDMS (AB, BR), Faculty University of Texas Tyler, Texas Southern University, Houston Community College

Olajide Labiyi, MA, RDCS, University Of Ibodan, Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

Yousif K Abed, BSE, RDCS, RCS,Faculty Bagdad University,  Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

Tammie Gabbert, AAS, RVT, Faculty, Alvin Community College

 Programs  Delivery Method:  Residential