The following services are available to students: Orientation of new students, academic guidance, and career advising and placement assistance Alumni privileges, and the resource center.


Individual assistance and advice are given to students regularly at the end of each module, and upon request at no cost. Students are advised to schedule an appointment with their instructor, director of education, or school director to resolve any problems regarding academics. Guidance on studying for national registry exams is available to all students.


Current students and graduates are allowed access to vacant classrooms and equipment for practice when not in use. Current students and graduates are allowed computer and internet access. Current students are allowed access to school library materials. All students are assisted in preparing resumes. The facility is readily accessible to handicapped students.


Letter of recommendation on request, at no cost, are available to all graduates in good standing at Cardiotech Ultrasound School. Posting of employment opportunities received are made available to all graduates and current students.


A four-hour orientation session for new students is conducted one day before the start of the program. Orientation provides students with information about schools policies, procedures, time management, test taking strategies, safety codes, and staff. Students are responsible for the information provided at orientation and the policies and procedures in the Student Handbook. Student Handbooks are distributed at orientation


Advising and guidance begins during the admission interview and continues throughout the student course of study. Faculty advice and assistance is available for minor academic and personal problems. Problems of a serious nature should be brought to the immediate attention of the School Director for resolution. Guidance and advising are intended to provide the attitude, knowledge and skills necessary for students to meet the standards of the society in the field of study they have chosen.
The purpose of the student services are:
1. To provide on-going process of self assessment
2. To facilitate a willingness to consider opposing points of views
3. To be flexible tolerable and adaptable
4. To assume responsibility
5. To develop good principles
6. To interact with people of various backgrounds


Cardiotech Ultrasound School provides Job Search Assistant to graduates in good standing for as long as the graduate continues to cooperate and work with the school. The school does not and cannot promise or guarantee employment upon graduation. There is also the risk that due to job market fluctuations, personal issues or uncontrolled circumstances some graduates may be unable to find employment in their field of training within a time frame that is acceptable to them. Finding employment is a united effort between the graduate and the school. The graduate must agree to cooperate with school staff in conducting a job search. Typically the program of choice is designed to enhance the graduate’s entry level skills, and potential productivity. Very often job openings are not available within the city of residence of the graduate. Should job availability within close proximity of the graduate not be available, graduates should be prepared to relocate or willing to accept a position outside their immediate area if necessary to initiate the process of employment in the field of study. Job search assistance is given in the form of: Good resume development, Resume writing to target specific jobs, class Job search techniques, Interviewing skills and Interview scheduling.


Graduates are not guaranteed employment. Placement assistance is available for students. Students are given job leads, and are allowed to use the school’s resources for job search. A list of agencies/employers is readily available to students, and a bulletin board with current openings is made available to all students.

*****Cardiotech Ultrasound School cannot guarantee employment upon graduation.*****