MISSION: Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School offers independent post-secondary education programs dedicated to providing quality training to persons interested in Allied Health careers as a profession.

HISTORY: The Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School is located in Houston, Texas. Established in 2001 as a career school the institution became a college in 2016. The institution is wholly owned by Cardiotech Ultrasound School LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Corporation. The governing authority for Cardiotech Ultrasound School LLC is Joan H. Douglas, and Neville L. Myles. A Program Advisory Committee is established to assist and advise with the programs. The college is approved by various agencies to offer a variety of programs.

MISSION: The mission of Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School is to offer independent post-secondary education dedicated to developing intellectual capabilities and skills of a diverse body of students for lifetime responsibilities through high quality comprehensive programs. Prepare prospective individuals for the global community by embracing diversity in students’ cultures and philosophies to foster tolerance, integrity and purpose as responsible global citizens.


ENVIRONMENT: Provide an environment in which students may develop integrity, ethical relationships and empathic attitudes that contributes to the welfare and goodwill of all patients. Provide a milieu that promotes the development of attitudes and skills needed to foster the responsibilities to community needs and promote quality healthcare delivery.

QUALITY: Provide the fundamental qualitative processes to promote and cultivate self-education, promote professional growth, and strengthen personal development through the maintenance of highly qualified and experienced faculty. Introduce students to various methods of communication, intellectual stimulation, and compassion while preparing them to be technically proficient practitioners. The program strives to make learning not just a requirement, but a tool for success in the chosen health discipline. Prepare individuals to function competently in their chosen medical career.

BALANCE: Present programs in the form of lectures, laboratory demonstrations, video presentations, and practical experiences to facilitate a well-balanced curriculum in the chosen technical health care field. Provide each student with the learning tools to enhance learning; to stimulate learning attitudes, and to provide competency to function as informed, responsible professionals while serving their communities.

SERVICE: Help students develop a background of information and attitudes conducive to interpersonal understanding, communication, and cooperation.

ACHIEVEMENT : Recruit, accept, and retain students from diverse backgrounds, cultures who have demonstrated specific standards of scholarship, personal character, and focused educational goals. To achieve satisfactory results of 70% or better on retention, placement, and certification of our students.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: Student outcomes and surveys are utilized in determining the retention and placement of students. To provide more efficient service to students, the school utilizes feedback from faculty, staff, and employers. Staff and faculty and the advisory group have adopted the motto “student first,” hence our focus is on quality education.

ADMISSIONS: Admits high school graduate, equivalent or higher three times each year in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

CAMPUS/PROGRAMS: Small campus with the average class size 10-12 students. Programs are residential only.

FACULTY/SUPPORT TEAM: Faculty members are credentialed scientific and technical background professionals. Students have direct access to the faculty. The administrative and support staff create an environment conducive to a maximum learning experience.

LABS/CLINICAL ROTATION: Campus labs include ultrasound, mannequins and physiological assessment equipment for simulation of workplace skills. All programs include clinical rotations in a variety of healthcare settings.

FINANCING: Title IV funding is available to qualified applicants by applying for Federal financial aid including PELL grant and Federal loans.  All students receiving Title IV  funding are required to pay 20% of cost of attendance out of pocket or from a private source. A 0% interest payment plan is available. Refer to college catalog  for additional financing information.

Financial Aid application: https://fafsa.ed.gov/ 

Federal Loan Application: https://Studentloans.gov/