What Students Say?

Melinda Goodrum worked at the Brazoria County Courthouse in Angleton, Texas, as a deputy clerk for almost four years before starting on the Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound program to become an echocardiogram technician. Here’s what she has to say about:

The program

“It has been a wonderful learning experience.”

School atmosphere

“The atmosphere at school has been one of the greatest assets for me going to this school.”

Cost of the program compared to other similar programs

“The cost comparison between this school and other schools with a comparable program shows a much lower cost for this school.”

Why she chose  Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

“It has a shorter program and it offers a better cost for me than other schools that I have contacted.”

Lab experiences at  Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

“The lab classes offer a great hands-on learning experience.”

Recommending the program to others

“I already have (recommended the program to others).”